National Apprenticeship Week 2024 – Joe Johnson & Nathanael Hodges

HB&O are celebrating National Apprenticeship Week and this year, we’re hearing from a couple of our apprentices as they discuss their journey with us so far.

Joe Johnson

“Prior to my journey within accountancy, I worked in the Royal Navy as an Air Engineer Technician. I realised quickly that this wasn’t going to be a long-term career for myself. I chose to begin self-studying for the AAT qualification and in August 2021 decides to leave the Royal Navy and join HB&O.

In my first year I managed to complete my level 4 AAT. I subsequently chose to being the apprenticeship scheme to obtain the support I required during my ACA qualification.

Choosing to join the apprenticeship scheme was definitely the right decision. The whole studying process is exciting, challenging and engaging. From the high-quality tuition to the detailed study resources. I have learnt so many new skills that have allowed me to thrive. The tutors have given me so much more support than I expected and I’ve also made some great friends along the way.

Whilst working in the Virtual Finance Office, the managers within HB&O have been extremely supportive with my studies. Felloe colleagues that have previously been through the process have also been generous sharing their knowledge and eager to help in anyway.

I have recently been offered the opportunity to move to another area of the business to gain extra understanding. I will be moving to the Accounts Department in April to widen both my knowledge and experience. I am sure this will considerably assist in the continuation of my apprenticeship. 

For anyone considering an apprenticeship, I fully recommend it – you won’t regret it.”

Nathanael Hodges

“I started the apprenticeship in 2022 when I was 25, having previously been to university and working as a bookkeeper at local businesses. 

I was looking for an opportunity to develop more advanced accounting skills, so an apprenticeship at HB&O was the perfect fit for me.

The benefit of an apprenticeship is that, because you’re studying alongside work, once you learn a new skill in your studies, it’s soon put into practice in your work; you very quickly see development in yourself and in your career.

I’ve found the process stretching but rewarding and I’d strongly recommend it to anyone looking for their next challenge!”

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