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We’re so happy to have you joining us. We’ve put together some information below to detail what will happen next.

Mergers and Acquisitions


We're thrilled that you've accepted the proposal, as this marks the start of exciting and positive times ahead.

As detailed in your proposal document, here’s what will happen next: 

1. Fill out the form below to provide some information we need to get the ball rolling.

2. We will send out your engagement letters to sign and get the legal bits out of the way before we’re officially working together! 

3.  We’ll get in touch with your last accountant and sort everything out. You don’t need to worry about a thing – they will send us everything we need to get started. 

4. We will arrange a meeting, for us to outline what’s next and agree a timetable with your for the commencement of the work. 

First things first, please head to the welcome form below to provide the basic information we need to kick things off